Saturday, January 17, 2009

Acceleration Due to Gravity: Super Mario Brothers

OK, so I giggled through the whole time that I was reading this. This means that you have GOT to check it out.

This is an analysis of the gravitational acceleration g of the various versions of Super Mario Brothers game!!

I kid you not! :)

It's interesting how different versions of Super Mario Brothers have different values of g. They must have many brothers living in other planets.

You can make a physics lesson out of this. Since kids nowadays are addicted to video game in some fashion, why not make them learn physics at the same time!

Hey, it could happen! :)


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Tometheus said...

Fun :D The one thing the article doesn't address sufficiently to my taste is the assumption that v0 = 0. I suspect that in the early versions, he just falls at a constant velocity, but with just a single data point for each game in the article, one can't really tell.