Thursday, August 28, 2008

Physics Education Research: Resources for Graduate Student Instructors

I've only looked quickly at this, but off-hand, it definitely sounds like a good idea. This article gives a bunch of resources to graduate student teaching assistance in his/her classroom responsibilities.

Abstract: This resource letter intends to provide physics instructors - particularly graduate student teaching assistants - at the introductory university level with a small but representative collection of resources to acquire a familiarity with research in physics education for guidance in everyday instruction. The resources are in the form of books, articles, websites, journals, and organizations.

Of course, this assumes that a particular graduate assistant actually care that much in his/her job to teach the students. I'm sure we've heard many horror stories of teaching assistants simply doing their job as a chore, rather than something they wish to excel in. I've had experiences with both good and bad TA's, and everything in between, and I'm sure many students have similar experiences as well.

Still, for those who do take their responsibilities seriously, these resources could be of some help.


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