Sunday, August 03, 2008

AAC08 - The Aftermath

I got on the scale this morning, and I gained 7 freaking pounds! Holy crap!

And I tried to be a good boy too! I spent an hour in the fitness center at the resort on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I tried to eat right the whole week by having lots of vegetables, fish, and fresh fruit. But then, those pastries and cookies during the coffee breaks, and the yummy desserts after each meals, and that tiramisu they served at the banquet..... OK, so maybe I've been a little bit naughty as well.

So next week at work will be nothing but soup and salads for lunch, and getting back to my weekly workout. This is going to be tough. Luckily, AAC only comes every 2 years. I should barely lose those 7 pounds by the time the next one comes along.




Jim said...

I enjoy the intellectual and technical nature of your blog. Please don't ruin that by complaining about something as trivial as missing part of your workout and gaining 7 lbs. because you were out of town. Any average female blog deals with that subject matter.

ZapperZ said...

Sorry, but such "triviality" comes with the territory of one's personal blog. If I'm writing this for some technical journal, I would not have included it. But part of my blog is my experiences as a physicist as I go to all these conferences AND gaining all this weight from all the food (I'm surprised you didn't complain about my "treatise" on ciopinno).

And I almost wrote a whole lengthy complaint against people who didn't turn off their cell phones during the last conference too.

Stay tune, because other trivialities might follow, such as how badly some physicists dress!