Friday, July 04, 2008

US Presidential Candidates Receive Questions on Science

The two US Presidential candidates received 14 questions related to science and science policy/funding.

According the ScienceDebate website, the 14 questions are designed to be “broad enough to allow wide variations in response, but specific enough to help guide the discussion towards many of the largest and unresolved challenges currently facing the US.”

You can read the actual wording of all of the 14 questions here.

Let's see if they have the courage to actually answer these questions AND also participate in the Science Debate. But based on previous attempts at having one, I'm not that confident. Even answers to these questions may not say much, since science funding is nowhere near the top of the priority for most people. Just look at the current election campaign and see if this has ever been mentioned. What we had instead are issues of "faith".


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