Monday, July 14, 2008

A Cosmic Conundrum

This is a wonderful review of the book "The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter" by Helen Quinn and Yossi Nir. I always like reading a book review where the reviewer also provide ample background information of what is covered in the content, and not just simply review the book. This is what Lincoln Wolfenstein did in reviewing this book. In the process, the reader is brought up-to-date on the issue surrounding the matter-antimatter asymmetry that we see in our universe. So this review is also a review of the subject matter for non-physicists or those not that familiar with this "conundrum".

Helen Quinn, by the way, is the author of an article that I highly recommend people to read. So she certainly is one of those rare physicist who has the ability to write succinctly and clearly. I'm very much tempted to buy this book soon.


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Stupac2 said...

I read this book on a plane recently, it was quite good, made me want to try to learn QFT, which could end up being a bad thing