Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hawking 'Open' to a Move to Ontario

Hum... it seems that everyone is moving to Canada! :)

Stephen Hawking is leaving open the possibility of him leaving Cambridge and moving to the Perimeter Institute in Ontario, CA. This would be the biggest coup for PI since getting Neil Turok.

It certainly appears that several institutions in Canada are aggressively recruiting some of the world's most prominent physicists. George Sawatzky, a prominent condensed matter physicist, went to UBC several years ago. And recently, UBC even managed to snag Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman.

All I can say is, good for them! Obviously, they have the resources to get these people, and they know the importance of having them there. UBC certainly has elevated their stature in condensed matter many folds in recent years to become one of the most respected programs in the world.


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