Saturday, July 26, 2008

Preparing for AAC08

I will be flying off to California tomorrow to attend the 2008 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (the webpage seems to be down this morning). The host for this year's workshop is the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and it will be held at the Chaminade resort in Santa Cruz, CA.

From the agenda, this should be quite a workshop, and certainly at a rather critical point in terms of planning for future directions. With the ILC having a delayed and uncertain future, and future particle colliders not really something anyone is willing to pay for, there's even a greater need for advancing the accelerator technology to produce more efficient, compact, and less costly alternatives, or in some case, improving the current technology to work beyond the present-day limitations.

I will try to report on some of the presentations there as the workshop progresses. Hopefully, it will be exciting enough for people to want to read. :)


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