Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Glut of Iron-Arsenide Superconductor Papers

Whoa! I looked at the ArXiv this morning in the Condensed Matter section and saw a glut of preprints on this iron-arsenide-based superconductors. The first 4 preprints, and 8 of the first 20 listed, are all on it.

This is as good as any of an indicator that this compound is the hottest thing to hit this field since MgB2 revealed itself to be a superconductor several years ago.


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Anonymous said...

Yes- but have you noticed how sloppy the work is? Certain American groups in particular. Wrong space group in the abstract of your nature paper anyone? Incorrect magnetic structures from several groups worldwide? Total B**ls from nearly all the theorists? (My favourite by miles is "Quantum String Order" btw ; ))

This sort of thing is science at its worst, better to be quick than to be right!

Jealous? Not at all... better get our paper formatted up for nature and on Arxiv a.s.a.p...