Monday, July 28, 2008

More On The Naming Spat At SLAC

Here's more news report regarding the use of the name "Stanford" in SLAC and the DOE's requirement of trademarking the name of its National Labs. It is resulting in the possible renaming of SLAC.

Stanford officials who insist the government can't copyright the venerable university's name have countered with an offer that would give federal officials a royalty-free "perpetual" license to use the Stanford and SLAC names.

"SLAC's record is pretty distinguished, and with the university's offer of a license to use the Stanford name, what more do they need?" said Burton Richter, SLAC's former director and one of the Nobelists who won his prize there. "I'm really bewildered."

I wonder if DOE already got a trademark for the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab? I would imagine it doesn't have the same issue here since "Princeton" is a city, unlike "Stanford".


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Stupac2 said...

Huh, I get my mail delivered to Stanford, CA, 94309, so I think it's a city too!

One of my friends who works there submitted the new name "SLAC Linear Accelerator Center", a nice recursive acronym. I think it's the best they'll get if the DOE doesn't accept this new deal.