Thursday, April 05, 2007

High-Tech Shows No Benefit in Learning Science and Math

The use of high-tech in teaching science and mathematics in elementary and secondary schools does not seem to lead to improved learning of these subjects.

This is interesting considering that at the college level, high-tech implementation seems to be in vogue with reportedly improved results.


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Kent said...

I feel that with experience the teachers will get better at applying the technology, making it more effective. I will be interested in the follow-up report.

As for the Ithaca College way of teaching (linked in this post), I definitely think it is a good idea. Some of the technology they use seem over the top and there could be cheaper alternatives. I think the key idea is to get away from a boring lecturer at the front of the class talking for an hour (mostly blowing his own trumpet!).

I think 1 professor + 1 T.A for a group of 50 students max might be viable. I think this would work better for 2nd or 3rd year classes where at our university the class sizes are around 50 and 20 students respectively.