Sunday, April 15, 2007

Physics and Equestrian Fashion

Now, admit it. You never saw this coming (neither did I). You didn't think that there's any connection (at least, not directly) between physics and equestrian fashion, did you? Admit it! :)

Well, there is! You see, there is a problem with the regular outfit worn by equestrians.

As an amateur dressage rider, Sheryl also knew first-hand about the shortcomings of standard riding breeches for equestrian athletes: poor comfort…difficulty in fitting them into tight boots…the “diaper” appearance of full-seat riding pants…chafing from seams in the wrong places…lack of fabric breathability…not enough “stickability” in the saddle.

Er... ouch! Chafing from seams in the wrong place? That's just nasty! :)

“My team didn’t come at the problem from a ‘only looks matter’ perspective,” recalls Rudolph, Fun In The Saddle, Inc.’s (FITS) founder and president. “We researched the physics of riding and analyzed the spectrum of fabrics and sewing technologies. We were looking for the design that would help every rider perform and feel better, in addition to looking smart.”

There you are! That's the physics connection! Next time someone asks you if physics has any practical application, point to a horse! :)

I'm just glad that this is not another example of bastardizaton of quantum mechanics! I don't think I can take another one this soon. :)


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