Saturday, April 07, 2007

Beer Study Fellow?

You can't make these things up, or maybe you can! :)

What appears like a college student wet dream is beginning to sound like a rather hysterical report. Lawrence University Fellows Committee has appointed a physicist to receive a postdoctoral fellows in, get this, beer studies!

"Physics is physics," Marler pointed out, "but beer is lifeblood. There are exciting things happening in the field of beer studies and I'm pleased to have the honor of exploring this new academic frontier with the of-age students of Lawrence."


But the kicker is this statement:

"It's all just hot air really," Marler relayed. "When it's all said and done physics is really the study of beer."

Is she sure that she graduated from UC San Diego and not University of Budweiser? :)

Actually, this might explain the yeasty odor that I had all through my physics major years (or was that the smell from my dirty hamper?), and the fact that I learn how to bake bread why studying for my oral exams. It certainly is consistent with my affinity to freshly-baked and fine breads.

There's just so many directions I can go with this story, I'd better stop now before I really start to gross myself out. :)

Now, the only saving grace to this is that the news was dated April 1, 2007. For their sake, I damn hope that this was an April Fools joke. :)


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