Thursday, April 05, 2007

He's The Oldest Freshman on Campus - And He's a Physics Major!

This tells you that you are never too old to pursue your dreams. Brad Sugarman is 47, and he was a freshman at the University of Chicago, majoring in physics.

In September 2005, Brad was on his way to the University of Chicago to pursue a career in physics. He moved into a dorm with guys less than half his age and even became a proud member of Alpha Delta Phi.

"I wish I knew exactly why I waited so long to go to college," says Brad, now 48. "I had always planned to get a degree, but I just never focused on it. One day, I realized I had put it off for way too long and that it might never happen. I wanted it all -- the full college experience. That's when I made a commitment to turn things around."

So what is a typical day like in the life of the oldest undergrad physics major? Just like any other undergrad physics major!

All I can say is, YOU GO, BRAD!



kerinfree21 said...

Hop happy and be snappy. Brad rules. Get out there and do your thing. The world is rooting for you. So, make your mark.

John said...

I personally asked Mr. Sugarman about his achievements and he was kind enough to share it with me. He made concerted efforts. Go Brad Go!