Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cosmologically Speaking, Diamonds May Actually Be Forever

Maybe girls know more than guys about this, but there's a good reason why you would want diamonds to be your best friend. This news article reports on, and interviews both Lawrence Krauss and Robert Scherrer on their recent paper.

Writing in the journal Physical Review D, the two physicists show that matter as we know it will remain as the universe expands at an ever-increasing clip. That is, the current status quo between matter and its alter ego, radiation, will continue as the newly discovered force of dark energy pushes the universe apart.

This paper was titled Radiation can never again dominate matter in a vacuum dominated universe[1] and the abstract is below:

We demonstrate that in a vacuum-energy-dominated expansion phase, surprisingly neither the decay of matter nor matter-antimatter annihilation into relativistic particles can ever cause radiation to once again dominate over matter in the future history of the Universe.


[1] Phys. Rev. D 75, 083524 (2007).

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