Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Did Fermilab Observed the Higgs?

A recent paper by X.-G. He et al in PRL[1] suggested that the recent decay of the Sigma+ particle into a proton and muon-antimuon might indicate the presence of a Higgs particle, but at the "wrong" mass than that predicted by the Standard Model. They claim that the 214.3 MeV mass could be explained within the Supersymmetric model. If this is right, then the Standard Model would have to be overhauled to include the supersymmetric extension.

Still, there were only 3 events detected at the HyperCP experiment at Fermilab, and this is not the first time there have been claims of possible Higgs observation. I don't think anyone will be convinced of anything until the LHC goes on line.

More review of this work can be found on PhysicsWeb (free registration required).


[1] H.-G. He et al. PRL 98, 081802 (2007).

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