Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hawking To Experience A Brief History of Weightlessness

This is in all the news media today, so I might as well report it.

Stephen Hawking will be making a trip in one of the vomit comet, an airplane that can make those brief moments of weightlessness. I guess he wants to experience the analogous sensation of "zero g" for himself. I hope someone videotape this, because this could easily turn into a rather amusing event. OK, ok.. I know I'm not being nice here, but I can't help trying to imagine what would be happening. I mean, if he's still straped to his wheelchair, he's going to be a rather dangerous object bobbling around in that plane (LOOK OUT!).

I need to stop giggling. Talk to you later!



1 comment:

Newtoon said...

One may wonder whether we can allow ourself to get fun that way at the expense of the planet (hopefully, not everyone on the planet can afford this flight).

Most of the guys who want to test the thing put forward the importance of the experiments they prepared ... at least.