Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Two Beirut Students Arrested Over Physics Exam Scare

First of all, I hope that by mentioning it here, I am not giving anyone any ideas or giving this more publicity than it deserves. This truly is NOT how your life should change, because it WILL change for the worse, especially with heightened security concern everywhere, especially here in the US. So think VERY carefully before you act this stupid.

2 students in Beirut have been arrested for the bomb hoax phone call.

When asked about the reason why they made up such a lie, the students said they "wanted to get rid of the physics exam."

Unbelievable. And contrast this news to the one in Nepal where students protested to be able to study physics! I'd say after these students get their punishment, they should be deported to Nepal where they probably won't have to study physics. How's that for a fair deal?


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