Monday, March 26, 2007

Physics Meets Constitutional Law?

There's not much I can comment on this because I'm only reading 2nd hand report of the Harvard Law Review article. But it appears that this is another attempt at using physics principle and incorporating it into areas that, at first look, has no obvious connection. This attempt is very similar to the one on Stock Market physics, albeit, it is published in a more "prestigious" journal. This time it is being used as an argument to revamped the US laws, lawyers, and constitution.

I think my earlier comment accompanying Stock Market physics may still apply here. The justification that one can actually apply various aspects of quantum mechanics to such situations, for example, is still absent, especially when even in physics, classical mechanics dominates in our everyday phenomena. So if we don't apply QM in, let's say, building a house, why would it work in how judges arrive at a decision? This, of course, assumes that various physics principles being cited are actually being used and understood correctly. More often than not, these principles are understood superficially and applied incorrectly. So who knows....


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