Thursday, March 17, 2011

Will You Marry Me? Oh, BTW, Your Ring Is In the SEM Chamber

It's about time we have people using scientific instrument as creative way to propose. This is one such example that happened at Berkeley lab:

It certainly was cute, so congratulations to the happy couple.

Still, I have TONS of questions since the synopsis accompanying the video didn't tell much:

1. Was the guy an employee of the lab, or did he just arranged this?

2. What "electron microscope"? I'm assuming it is an SEM or some kind.

3. She saw the ring on the screen, but it didn't surprise her. It would have been way neater if, besides the ring, there's a message that reads "Will You Marry Me?" That would have been a hoot! Instead, all she got initially was a ring box and I thought the moment looked a bit awkward.

Still, it's a cute idea. I hope DOE doesn't consider this a "use of govt. property for personal gain". Now let's hear YOUR idea on similar creative ways to propose, or maybe you had done one already.


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