Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japanese Physics Labs Affected By Earthquake

It is not surprising that scientific endeavor, including physics research and facilities, are severely affected by the Japanese earthquake and subsequent events. This report reveals how it affects a couple of facilities, including the neutrino T2K experiment.

The T2K neutrino experiment was just about to announce important new results when the earthquake struck. A series of planned seminars around the world has been postponed until the results can be announced first in Japan as planned. Here's a UK site with some background information about T2K itself. Apparently all the people from the neutrino experiment hall of T2K were evacuated safely, though it is very hard to confirm anything at the moment.

With Japan hosting a number of major research facilities, and the Japanese being involved in many experimental effort, the effect of this disaster will surely be directly felt in many scientific efforts around the world. But right now, we can only hope that everyone there is safe.


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