Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tevatron Increases the Higgs Exclusion Zone

There's still life in the old lady after all.

Latest results from D0 and CDF detectors at the Tevatron have increased the exclusion zone for the Higgs.

The new analysis of data from Tevatron's CDF and D0 experiments – along with earlier results – adds spice to that race, ruling out a Higgs mass of 156–183 GeV/C2. Much of this region is excluded to 95% confidence, with some excluded to 90%. The new analysis extends Tevatron's previous Higgs exclusion zone of 158–175 GeV/c2 (95%), which was reported in July 2010. "This makes the Tevatron the frontrunner in the hunt for the Standard Model Higgs boson," claims Fermilab physicist Rob Roser, who works on the CDF experiment.

Yeah, but not for long, I'm afraid.

So there's an even smaller place for the Higgs (at least, one specie of it) to hide .... assuming that it is there in the first place.


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