Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't Drown Science Documentary With Background Music

Us science documentary fans will simply not tolerate background Muzak that drowns even the voice of the host of the show! So let this be a lesson to all producers and directors of such programs!

Fans of the BBC "Wonders of the Universe" have loudly complained to the TV network of loud background music some time drowning the voice of the show's host Brian Cox.

Beeb bosses were forced into action after viewers complained that they were unable to discern the Mancunian intonations of its presenter, Brian Cox, above the din of its backing track.

It has prompted critics to re-dub the show, which sees Cox globetrot around the world to examine the formation of the Universe, as the “Wonders of Brian Cox and his Orchestra.”

Now THAT'S funny! :)

I think in the US, you can see this series on the Science Channel, no? In any case, has any of you noticed the loud background music in this TV series that became distracting?


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SIMI BOYZ said...

Brian Cox did an intervew on BBC Radio 4 this morning and talked about this, referncing his experience of working with Danny Boyle on Sunshine saying that the music is an important emotional connection with the viewer which is what he was trying to achieve with this.

I enjoy the music during shows like this, that don't particularly get too heavy with the science and focus on the beauty of it instead, and have not experienced any problems hearing what he has to say either.