Thursday, March 24, 2011

Congressman Randy Hultgren Visits Fermilab

This is a video of a short speech by US Congressman Randy Hultgren when he visited Fermilab.

Hultgren is one of the large number of Freshman Republican Congressman who won the last election. He defeated the incumbent (and physicist) Bill Foster for the Illinois 14th District.

It is too bad that the video didn't carry the question-and-answer session. I'm sure there was a question on his support for the Republican-controlled Congressional budget proposal that severely cut money to the DOE Office of Science. None of what he has said in his speech in this video is consistent with the budget proposal. In fact, he made zero mention of the budget bill and how it could cause places such as Fermilab to have massive layoffs, furloughs, and even a premature shutdown of the Tevatron. I'd like to hear how he would spin this and still maintain that he supports science, and Fermilab in particular.

.... and people wonder why I seldom listen to political speeches.


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