Thursday, March 17, 2011


As expected, whenever something like this occurs, the fear (be it warranted or not) about radiation resurfaces once again. It is also a good time to educate the public a little bit on what radiation is, and the fact that we, human beings, live with it every single moment of our lives.

This news article looks at everyday sources of radiation that we live with.

With the help of CU physicists, 7NEWS tested everyday objects with a Geiger counter, a device that detects radiation levels.

We held the meter against the buildings on campus, a post office mailbox, electronic devices, even a banana with potassium. All of the objects caused the meter to beep and show levels of radiation, but only in trace amounts.

"These parts of the country are actually naturally blessed with a slightly higher level of radioactivity," said Nesbitt. "Low is good, but zero is just not what you're ever going to find in everyday life."

People who have an unreasonable fear of "radiation" should look at this article and accompanying video. Often, these are the very same people who put granite countertops in their homes. I'm not saying that such material is unsafe. I'm saying that ALL of us have accepted a certain level of radiation that we live with.


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