Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Physics At ETH

It is one of the most prestigious university in the world, and Physics is a prominent subject area, unlike at most universities where it is often one of the smallest. This article provides a brief introduction to this outstanding institution that has the ability to attract international students and faculty members.

“The brain-import role is true for research as well”, van der Veen continues. “ETH is one of the few European universities that is able to ‘buy’ well known American scientists.” Though van der Veen still speaks highly of his time as researcher at the University of Amsterdam, he didn’t hesitate to accept the job offer from ETH eight years ago. “The infrastructure and big research facilities at ETH are excellent. And there is a lot of money available for research! There is so much potential over here. Look at the amazing amount of 21 spin-off companies at ETH, which were registered last year. Very inspiring.”

The best institutions in the world usually tend to have the ability to attract the best people, no matter where they are from.


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