Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Global Warming Opponents Have Gone Bonkers - Even More Follow-Up

I should have mentioned this earlier, but I keep forgetting.

With reference to the brouhaha regarding the publication of an apparent "disagreement" within the physics community regarding global warming that was published in the recent APS Forum on Physics and Society newsletter, there is a very detail rebuttals on Monckton's "paper". In total, Monckton made 125 "errors" that has been listed and carefully argued against.

There is also a rather "amusing" time line on how Monckton was actually invited to present an article to the Forum on Physics and Society newsletter, despite his lack of credentials in this area. Someone here didn't do their homework.

Maybe this will be a lesson to those involved. While the public doesn't put much importance and public recognition to physicists, those who are clinging for the slightest bit of recognition and veil of validity will grab onto anything to prove their legitimacy. Something out of a physics society such as the APS, even if it isn't an official opinion of the APS, is more than sufficient for them to twist it around and grab on to it with both hands. An insignificant article in a rather obscure newsletter can still cause the proverbial crap to hit the ceiling fan and becomes a major news story.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, the science historian Naomi Oreskes mentioned this at her talk at Trinity College Dublin - apparently somebody at APS thought Monckton was a scientist. Oops.