Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Next Big Bang

If you get the History Channel, you may want to see this:

Nearly two years ago, the Silent Crow team began looking cinematically at physics. Not just your everyday physics, but the quantum world of particle physics. Over my head? Yes. So, we were joined by the best physicists in the world.

On September 9, at 8 PM (Eastern),on the EVE of the first beam in the biggest particle collider on the planet,the History Channel will air the film we've created. It's called Next Big Bang, and it is just that. It's a deep look at the physics of the very beginning of time. We battled hard with the network to create something that isn't simply sensational or dumbed down, something stunningly beautiful, and something that you will want to watch again, because it sparks so many questions about the nature of the universe. This is really compelling, fascinating, challenging and did I mention gorgeous(?) immersive stuff.

I am proud of the Next Big Bang, even if it is TV. Which is the reason for this email:

The network is not promoting the show for fear their audience doesn't want to be intellectually inspired, enlightened or challenged. Prove them wrong. Watch the show. Tape it. Tivo it, and most importantly, call your friend down the block who you know loves science and physics, and tell him to watch it. Tell your school physics teacher that there's a show her students should watch.

It's VERY cool, and it sends the networks a message that we actually do like entertaining programming that inspires us... to think.

So, from the many producers and physicists that toiled to create this visionary piece, please enjoy the Next Big Bang.


Thank you!

Silent Crow



Anonymous said...

I watched it and LOVED it. Why are they not showing this throughout the day today (September 10)? I unfortunately did not have a blank vhs tape handy and could not record it. I went to the history channel store and they no longer have the DVD available for purchase. Is there any way to obtain a copy of this program?

Anonymous said...

it should be on again Friday, October 17 10:00 AM

and Friday, October 17 04:00 PM


Anonymous said...

The guy with the REALLY annoying voice made this show almost unwatchable. It's almost like they rushed this show out the door.

Couldn't they have gotten anybody else to talk instead of that annoying guy?