Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peter Higgs Responds To Hawking's Bet

OOooh.. this is getting good!

While not quite a spat on the same level as some of the spoiled Hollywood brats, Peter Higgs and Stephen Hawking are going after each other. Hawking, as you recall, put a bet of $100 that the Higgs boson/s will not be found, and stated that it would be more interesting if it/they were not found. Peter Higgs has now replied in a news conference to mark the LHC's first beam that Hawking deduction on why it may not be found isn't correct.

“My understanding is he puts together theories in particle physics with gravity . . . in a way which no theoretical particle physicist would believe is the correct theory.

“From a particle physics, quantum theory point of view, you have to put a lot more than just gravity into the theory to have a consistent theory and I don’t think Stephen has done that. I am very doubtful about his calculations.” Other members of the panel moved swiftly to cut off the discussion, suggesting that he had taken Professor Hawking’s views out of context.

C'mon, we can do better than that! When do we get them to duke it out. Some hair-pulling fight would be appropriate, similar to that infamous fight from Dynasty!

OK, I think I just dated myself....


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Rocket Stegosaurus said...

Hawking's chair would have to be checked for laser cannons, though, before the two duke it out. Don't want anyone to have an unfair advantage... :/