Friday, September 12, 2008

The Origins of the Universe: A Crash Course

In case you missed the Op-Ed by Brian Greene in yesterday's NY Times, here is the link. He detailed why the LHC is so darn important and exciting. It could, after all, falsify String Theory! {no, of course he didn't say that! I did!} :)

And of course, he had to address the silliness of the "black hole" controversy. Here, if anyone has any doubt on the answer, one should look at his response.

Why might one worry that this would be a problem? Because black holes have a reputation for rapacity. If a black hole is produced under Geneva, might it swallow Switzerland and continue on a ravenous rampage until the earth is devoured?

It’s a reasonable question with a definite answer: no.

No wishy-washy answer. No hiding behind long, lengthy explanation that the public has no ability to comprehend. Unless you question Greene's integrity and intelligence as a physicist, there is no getting around that clear and direct answer.


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