Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Energy Future = Think Efficiency

I'm very happy that the APS has launched a report to tackle the US energy issue. We have gotten so many of these things already, but not from the point of view of the science/technology. The APS's webpage claim that this is a different type of energy report.

Energy Future: Think Efficiency differs from other energy efficiency reports in its emphasis on scientific and technological options and analysis. Based on emerging technologies, this report targets which research and development gives America the best return for its dollars.

Want to know what works now, what can work soon, and what is feasible for the future? The Energy Future: Think Efficiency study panel of leading experts in energy policy with backgrounds in physics, engineering, economics, and policy, examines and answers these very questions.

Certainly very timely, and worth paying attention to. I mean, if those global warming opponents got so excited that an article in an APS Division actually presented an anti-global warming argument, then they also can't ignore when the APS itself produces and endorses something like this.

Edit: here's a news article on this APS report.


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