Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The 2nd Physics And Physicists Most Attractive Physicist Contest!

Oh yes! Just when you think it was safe to follow this blog, I am going back into the territory that caused so much ruckus last time. That's right, folks, the poll/contest for us to select who we think is the most attractive physicist is back!! Get your kids off the streets and make sure grandma is sitting down in her chair! We are going to take no prisoners!

The first contest when quite well, don't you think? We anointed our attractive physicists, both female and male. Strangely enough, some people were offended by the poll on the female physicists, but strangely enough, no one felt offended by the poll done on the male physicists. Wonder why that is? Oh well, this isn't a psychology blog, or we would have dealt into that at length.

So, on with our 2nd contest. We will follow the rules that was set up for the last one, but with a few changes:

1. Anyone can nominate a physicist who he/she thinks is a candidate for being the most attractive. The deadline for nomination is April 30, 2012.

2. The physicists that landed in the TOP 3 for men and women in our previous contest are NO LONGER QUALIFIED to be nominated for this contest. However, everyone else who were nominated qualifies for this contest.

3. You may nominate as many as you want. HOWEVER, you should include either a picture, or at least a link to a picture, so that the voters have an idea what this physicist looks like. The links can also be videos, etc., i.e. anything to give the rest of us a good idea on this person's feature. This will be useful especially if it is someone who is not a household name.

4. You may nominate someone based on his/her attractiveness at a different age. For example, the Albert Einstein who worked at the Swiss Patent Office may be more attractive than the one that landed at Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. So if you are nominating Einstein in his younger years, you have to accompany that nomination with a picture of him in that age.

5. If you are submitting someone who isn't a household name, it would also help that you include a link to show that this person is a physicist. A link to either a paper, or university position, etc. would be sufficient. But how do I define a physicist, you ask? To me, anyone with a physics degree, even if that person isn't a practicing physicist, qualifies! I may have to contact you if I can't verify a nominee's credentials.

6. Don't be afraid to nominate yourself, if you are a physicist, and if you think you might qualify as being attractive. Or nominate your colleagues, with their permission, of course! I want as many good-looking physicists as I can get for this contest.

7. Submit your vote by adding a comment to this blog post. If you do not wish to have your nomination made public, please clearly indicate as such and your nomination will not be released (all comments to this blog are moderated and will only be made public upon release by me).

8. At the end of the nomination period, I will tally up all the nomination, and will select the Top 5 the male and a separate Top 5 for the female physicist.

9. I will then open up the voting to all readers of this blog, so YOU get to choose who you think is the most attractive male and female physicist. I haven't decided yet on what I'll do if we end up with a tie, so I'll just make things up as I go along if that happens.

10. If you see that you have been nominated by someone, but you do not wish to be included, please contact me (zapperz at gmail) or leave a comment to this blog post and I will remove the nomination.

OK? Ready? So bring it on! And let's see how badly I get bashed this time around.


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