Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Most Attractive Physicists - The Final Result!

To say that this has been a rather wild ride would be an understatement. It kicked off with a rather huge bang when I started the poll for the most attractive female physicist. But then, it tapered down to barely a whimper by the time we got to the polling for the most attractive male physicist. Apparently, no one cared that doing such a poll for male physicists will "objectify" those people and ignore their accomplishments. Male physicists should be offended by that, but they weren't! :) The males also got significantly smaller number of votes than the female (194 versus 777). I wonder what that is saying? It is also interesting that the top 2 vote-getters for the male are both no longer with us. Humm......

Anyway, it was a very interesting experience, certainly for me. And so, thanks to your nominations and votes, we have the final results of our first poll on the Most Attractive Physicists.


1. Amy Mainzer (39% of the votes)

2. Sarah Kavassalis (19%)

3. Madhuri Kaul (14%)


1. Richard Feynman (49%)

2. Werner Heisenberg (45%)

3. Brian Cox (10%)

And there you are! These are the physicists you voted to be the most attractive. In fact, I would say that everyone on the nomination list have the enviable combination of both looks and brains. Mother Nature was certainly extra generous and kind to them!

Thanks to everyone who participated, either in providing the nominations, voting, or even in leaving me with hate comments and messages. They were all a lot of fun. I don't know if I'll do this again next year. Maybe I'll try to be even MORE offensive by making the poll even more shallow and superficial, such as finding the most hunky and muscular male physicist, or female physicist with the sexiest body. What do you think of that, huh?

:) :)



David said...

Typo in Heisenberg's percentage. Either that or he's #1.

ZapperZ said...

Typo corrected for Feynman's percentage.