Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frank Wilczek's "A Long View Of Particle Physics"

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This is probably either an excerpt, or the text of a talk given by Frank Wilczek at last year's Solvay Conference.

Abstract: 2011 marked the hundredth anniversary both of the famous Solvay conferences, and of the Geiger-Marsden experiment that launched the modern understanding of subatomic structure. I was asked to survey the status and prospects of particle physics for the anniversary Solvay conference, with appropriate perspective. This is my attempt.

It's a surprisingly short paper, considering the title, which means it is short on details. Still, it might be an informative read for some people.



Logan Wright said...

Completely unrelated to this, but to your attractive physicist competition. I've found it silly until now (and for the most part still do!) but I noticed a study on physorg that makes me wonder if maybe a great-looking, brilliant female physicist being given credit for both would actually help draw more reluctant girls into physics. It's a valid point whether we should be happy children choose their careers based on gender roles (and not one I'm informed enough to participate in!), but these are the circumstances.

ZapperZ said...

Just for the record, *I* consider the contest rather silly myself! It is because of its silliness that I run it.