Monday, April 16, 2012

Nomination Still On-Going For Most Attractive Physicists

In case you missed it, the nomination period is still ongoing for our 2nd Most Attractive Physicist contest. Don't miss nominating the physicists you think are the most attractive.

So far, I've only received 3 nominations, and they are all for female physicists (where are the males?). You still have a bit of time left to submit your nominations, so don't be shy!



Heumpje said...

Since most guys in the previous round were dead (i.e nominated as heroes rather then 'attractive') let me try to nominate charismatic men still alive...
1. antoine georges.
2. Andrey Chubukov
3. Leo Kouwenhoven
4. Shou-cheng Zhang

Jacob Mazor said...

Aage Bohr: