Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The "Relavistic" Mug

Lev Okun tries again to correct the error in thinking about relativistic mass. I mentioned last time about his rather compact paper that tries to crush the erroneous notion of a "relativistic mass". This time, he does that based on things he read on, of all things, a mug!

Recently my friends added to my collection a Relativity Floxy Noxy mug.
In a certain sense it contains the quintessence of my collection presenting the main popular science clich`es and misconceptions. As they are quite often repeated in newspapers and textbooks, I decided to reproduce the text on the mug and to explain briefly what is wrong with it. I believe that it may be useful to many people.

You'll have to read his preprint to know what's written on the mug and how he tackled it into an issue of a misrepresentation of "mass".


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