Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Bastardization of Quantum Mechanics

I don't care of people write stupid things in their personal blogs or homepage. However, when popular media propagate that same stupidity, then such a thing needs to be pointed out.

This is one such example. We now have something called "quantum touch", which purportedly is "based on quantum physics.

Quantum Touch, a method of healing based in Quantum Physics, is empowering scoliosis patient Keri Walling of Flushing, to heal herself. "I can actually dance and do stuff that I never thought I could before," Keri said.

Keri Walling said that by laying down every other week for her Quantum Touch treatment, which includes a unique massage and a little faith, she's been healing her scoliosis for the past year.

Of course, you can't tell what part of this whole garbage is actually "based on quantum physics", nor do we even know of any of the practitioners actually have any knowledge of quantum physics. Claiming that something is based on something else doesn't make it so.

Chalk this up as another thing from the school of Deepak Chopra of ignorant delusion.


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Pi-Guy said...

Well, there's scoliosis, and then there's SCOLIOSIS. My brother has had scoliosis to some degree his whole life, and yet he served four years in the Navy. He's never had problems. I tend to think that the Good QM Doctor doesn't take on patients with SCOLIOSIS.