Friday, October 29, 2010

Liquid Nitrogen and the Tea Kettle Mystery

Another fun and educational video from Jefferson Lab.

You may catch up with the previous videos in one of my earlier blog entry.



Anonymous said...

ZapperZ: May I just ask one question: Why, when I view your site am I presented with an advertisement for free psychic readings? This seems completely at odds with the great content on this site.



ZapperZ said...

Trust me, I've been trying to block those ads. I've already blocked a dozen crackpot websites.

Many of these "contextual" advertisement depends not only on what Google thinks the topic is, but also your "past history", however they determine that. It means that I will be seeing a different advertisement than you when we both look at the same blog entry. So in those cases, there isn't much I can do. You are welcome to let me know the url of the ad, and I can make sure it is blocked.