Thursday, October 28, 2010

Best Physics App

No, I'm not starting another poll, so let's get that out of the way first. :)

Do you have a favorite physics app that you've found for your smartphone? There's been a lot of apps being written for the iPhone/iPad, Android phones, and Blackberry. Still, are there really good and/or useful apps in physics? I have a Blackberry, and the only stuff that I've found that would be remotely considered to be useful for physics work would be the standard, generic stuff - periodic table, scientific calculator. I find that I use the browser more often to look up stuff, rather than rely on apps. But then again, there aren't that many apps for the Blackberry when compared to Android and iOS phones.

So, have you found apps in physics for Smartphones that you think are quite useful?



Anonymous said...

wolfram alpha is amazing. But I also use vernier video physics for teaching and AccelMeter

Matt said...

Octave and gnuplot are available for Nokia's Maemo platform. Sure, you probably don't want to do big number crunching on your phone, but it's handy for plotting and small volumes of numerical calculations.

Pi-Guy said...

Just about the only useful app I have that's physics specific is a moment of inertia calculator. The accelerometers are fun, but they're only accurate up to about 4g, or thereabout. There are lots of apps for students to review basic formulas, and there are games. But I've found nearly nothing that you could really use to help you do something applied out in the world.