Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scientists Discover Possible Cosmic Defect, Remnant From Big Bang

Scientists may have discovered "texture", cosmic defects in the vacuum structure that is a remnant of the Big Bang.

“Our work investigates the exciting possibility that the cold spot is due to the presence of a cosmic texture; some current particle physics theories predict textures to be produced as the universe evolves, but they had never been observed. Somewhat to our surprise, we found that the cold spot, and in fact the cosmic microwave background radiation over the whole sky, is indeed consistent with such a texture model. Although the current data are not yet compelling, we suggest future observations that should be able to test our hypothesis definitively. If the cold spot is indeed proven to be a texture it will completely change our view of how the universe evolved following the Big Bang.”

If this is true, another consequence of the Big Bang is verified.


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