Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kabbalah is a Science?

Well that's news to me too!

But this expert in Kabbalah seems to think so.

Q: Why do you call Kabbalah a science and not a religion?

A: It's called a science because that is what it is. The wisdom of Kabbalah started about 5,000 years ago in ancient Babylon. At that time, the whole of humanity was connected and they were together as one nation. Egoism began to grow within people; they became more alienated, which then prompted the whole famous story of the Tower of Babylon and all of that.

Now the cure for that was a method that was discovered by a certain individual whom we know today as Abraham. He discovered a method to reconnect people despite the growing egoism.

The method he discovered was a scientific method. In other words, it uses scientific research tools to investigate our own internal mechanism, and that is what we know today as the wisdom of Kabbalah. (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) date much later than the wisdom of Kabbalah and are actually unrelated.

I don't know about you, but NOTHING in there screams "SCIENCE" to me at all. Just because he thinks he can call it a science doesn't make it so. But wait, it gets better...

In addition, Kabbalah is a study. It's like any science . . . There are no objects -- no red strings, holy water, any kind of fortune-telling, mysticism, charms -- none of that belong to authentic Kabbalah, not even meditation. It's just pure study of reality and it enhances your perception of reality to enhance your control over your own life and life in general.

And oh, just when you think it couldn't get any better, he said this:

Q: But there is spirituality?

A: Yes, spirituality is that aspect of reality which is not perceived by our ordinary five senses. The wisdom of Kabbalah simply enhances your perception of reality. It gives you additional tools which you wouldn't acquire otherwise.

Just like physics gives you certain tools, Kabbalah gives you other tools. You need all kinds of sciences to achieve a complete picture of reality. Kabbalah takes you, so to speak, behind the scenes.

Picture it as embroidery. You see a beautiful picture in front of you, of scenery or a flower, something like that. If you turn the embroidery around you see a whole mess of threads. You have to know how the threads are connected to know how to make it into a beautiful flower at the front of the picture. That's what Kabbalah teaches you, how to connect the threads from behind the scenes.

Oh brother! It's a science, but it has "spirituality"? He sees no inconsistencies in that?

I think that he has overestimated his knowledge of what science is. I'd like to know the last time he has performed any scientific experiment to be able to know what a scientific method is. Nowhere in any of his responses was there any mention of experimental verification of anything he's doing, something that is a fundamental pillar of anything to claim itself as a "science".

This claim is worse than that made for Intelligent Design, and I never thought I'd be able to say that.


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