Monday, October 22, 2007

Odd Physics Lessons

Teachers try almost everything to get through to their students, and physics teachers certainly can get quite creative. With Halloween looming in the horizon, it is only natural that a pumpkin chucking contest be a part of a physics lesson.

The goal is simple, to launch pumpkins with a medieval style catapult as far as possible, but there's a surprising amount of physics that goes into it. Illini Bluffs High School students aren't just launching pumpkins as far as humanly possible with this catapult they're also learning about science. Physics teacher, Aaron Stremmel, launched the lesson plan after he chucked pumpkins as a student.

Does it work? Is this an effective means of learning physics?

Physics student, Kara Wolfe says, "I get to come out here and see it in action, I don't fall asleep, lets just say that, I don't fall asleep."

I'd say that that in itself is an accomplishment. :)



yellow rain tree said...

Do you have the students estimate where the pum pkins will land based on weight?

Teresa Gresham said...

It's nice to see teachers out there who are making a difference - very creative way to encourage a love of physics in our scienc-hungry kids. You should be commended! EXCELLENT job.

Teresa Gresham said...

Of course I meant SCIENCE-hungry kids . . . not "scienc-hungry"