Monday, October 29, 2007

New Physics Course Informs Students on Scientific Issues

This course at New Mexico State University appears to be on the similar level as the "Physics for Future Presidents" that I've mentioned already on here, but without the podcast and online uploads.

According to Ni, the course covers, among other topics, energy and convservation, the theory of relativity, earthquakes and quantum physics. Quantum physics is the study of how tiny things like electrons work.

Ni said students of the physics course can expect to learn how physics applies to current and past events, such as how the World Trade Center fell when airplanes were flown into it. Ni said the airplanes' gas, which has an abundance of energy, was ignited by oxygen air. The fire caused the buildings to buckle as if someone hit them from above with a hammer.

So essentially, the students learn ABOUT physics, not learn physics, which is fine because they need to know how physics can be applied to all these cases. It is more important to convey how careful and systematic process is applied in analyzing such issues and problems, because this is the skill that they should acquire later on when they deal with life issues.


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