Thursday, January 14, 2010

LBNE at Fermilab Gets CD-0 Approval

Symmetry Breaking has a nice report on the recent Critical Decision 0 approval from Dept. of Energy for the design of the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab. This one looks huge.

LBNE will use the Main Injector accelerator at Fermilab to produce protons that collide with a fixed target to generate a beam of muon neutrinos. This neutrino beam will strike a small detector on the Fermilab site and then travel more than 620 miles to strike an underground detector more than 10 times the size of the largest LHC detector.

With NOvA about to kick off, Fermilab will be very busy producing a lot of neutrinos in the near future.

Now I'm just waiting for some crackpots to start suing them because they're objecting to neutrinos being sent through them or under their houses.


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