Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Scientific Life Of John Bahcall

This appeared on arXiv a couple of days ago, but it has been only now that I've gotten around to reading it.

This is an account of the scientific contribution of the late John Bahcall. However, because Bahcall truly one of the great figures in astrophysics, his scientific life story is also the history of neutrino astrophysics, and in particular, the solar neutrino problem that was solved only a few years ago with the discovery of neutrino oscillation. It is only via reading something like this that most of us can finally realize what a great man he was, and what a great loss to physics/astrophysics when he passed on.


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OilIsMastery said...

I only know of John Bahcall because he lost the redshift debate to Halton Arp.

The results were published alongside Sir Fred Hoyle's suppressed Russell Prize Lecture in George Field's The Redshift Controversy (1973).