Friday, April 10, 2009

Cedar Point's Science Day Grows To A Week

The Physics, Math, and Science Day at the popular amusement park Cedar Point will extend to 5 days this year. It will take place between May 18-22 of this year.

Several new exhibits will be on hand. The Glenn Research Center will have displays of the new Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles and the Orion crew exploration vehicle. The Detroit Science Center will present several exhibits on centripetal force, magnetic fields and chemical reactions, while COSI Columbus will bring its new Science Spot exhibit that will include activities on force and motion, structures and puzzles.

Some of the event's traditional favorites will also return. NASA's Microgravity Man will demonstrate how free fall results in apparent weightlessness along with some of its effects on physical phenomena. Plus, NASA's Q & A game show and space-themed photo booth will also be back. Each day will offer a different curriculum of activities and events.

It's interesting to note that they separate out "physics" from "science". I'm not complaining, though. :)

Hope the kids learn something in between all the screaming on those monster roller coasters. They might want to consider doing the same for the adults....... er... well, maybe not.


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