Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Physics of Pizza Tossing

Admit it, you're curious about it! :)

In any case, if you're bored but couldn't go to sleep, you might want to read all about the physics of pizza tossing, but were afraid to ask till now.

In their study, the researchers predicted that the tossing motion used by professional chefs and performers provides certain advantages in terms of effort, speed, and ease of handling. They explain that a tossed disk experiences four distinct phases: parabolic flight, impact (upon landing in the chef’s hands), sticking contact (as the chef’s hands grip the dough), and sliding contact (as the chef prepares to toss the dough). By determining the correct descriptions and durations of these four phases, the scientists could solve the pizza’s motion.

Funding by Pizza Hut and Dominoes?


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