Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holt Brings the Science to the Political

This is an interesting overview of Rush Holt, one of the 3 physicists currently in the US Congress. I'm always fascinated on how people with physics background apply their skills as physicists in another non-physics jobs, or in human interaction areas. Going into politics is certainly one such clear example.

Reading this, it is clear that Holt has done quite a bit for science policies and funding. And you can tell he is till being a physicist because he often asks for exact references to read up more on what people tell him. This is something most politicians don't ask for, and what is lacking in popular media, which is citing an exact reference for others to look up. It is a common practice in science.


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coolstar said...

Congressman Holt is a good guy and a good physicist. Too bad the "swells" at Swarthmore didn't realize that when they denied him tenure!