Thursday, September 27, 2007

Homer's Physics

It seems that The Simpsons have been involved in the sciences a lot more extensively than we know. First we have the article on how scientific The Simpsons TV series really is. Then we got Paul Halpern book about science and The Simpsons. Now, we have someone teaching physics in such a way that Homer Simpson can understand it and called it Homer Physics.

Kaspi elicited several questions and more than the occasional 'Ahh!' of epiphany during her recent presentation on neutron stars, the dense, rapidly rotating stars created from the collapse of a larger star: "What makes a pulsar a pulsar?" "Does it always stay bright or does it fade away?"

Over the course of about an hour, Kaspi would answer these questions and more, in the simplest of terms. Of course, the video of the rapidly rotating figure skater helped make the presentation accessible enough for even Homer Simpson to understand—hence, the name of the lecture series.

I guess you have to what got to do in trying to communicate to people and make the subject matter interesting.


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