Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hawking Wants Science To Be As Exciting As Science Fiction

Remember a while back I reported that Hawking was planning on writing children's books on science? It has now been released. This is a recent interview of him on his reasons for writing such books.

"Our aim is to make real science as exciting as science fiction," Hawking said.

Lucy Hawking, a journalist and writer, told the press conference that one of her father's common refrains was, "That's too much science fiction, we do science fact."

The trio wanted to "provide a modern vision of cosmology from the Big Bang to the present day," without presenting it as magic, Galfard said.

Certainly an admirable intention. But I wonder which parents would be the ones buying these books for their kids? Would parents who do not believe in evolution and the cosmological age of the universe buy these for their kids?


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