Friday, February 16, 2007

Photons Really Have No Premonition on How It Will Be Observed

The double slit experiment continues to be the subject of many of those who are trying to "understand" quantum mechanics. Philosophers especially seem bent on trying to make some sense out of it, and crackpots use it as "evidence" for this wild metaphysical mumbo jumbo.

Physicists, on the other hand, continue to test and study it one aspect at a time and systematically tries to find the answer to very definite questions. A case in point is this latest report. A very meticulous study on whether photons have an advance notice on how it is going to be measured seems to have ruled that out in a very clever way. Unless there are signals that are traveling faster than the speed of light, photons have no idea of the setup they will encounter and simply behave as they should when they it.



Anonymous said...

Maybe it would help to look at the world from the perspective of a photon which is traveling at the speed of light: it exist everywhere at all times.

ZapperZ said...

However, making such a transformation isn't realistic since WE can't do that to verify that this is actually what is going on in the photon frame. That is why experiment like this continues to be done. If it is as simple as simply going into the photon frame and explaining away all weirdness, this would no longer be a mystery. Yet, it is, and it continues to be tested.


Dominic said...

quote "...which is traveling at the speed of light: it exist everywhere at all times."

- Maybe IT IS the only part(s) of the universe that never morph thru our time as molecule or bigger systems does. I bet the day you'll morph it, very stranges things gonna happend...

(of course :-)

Dominic said...
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